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Coronavirus, Business Update

Dear valued FGL customers:

Operations at all five FGL lab facilities are functioning well and able to meet your sampling, sample pick-up and analytical needs, while observing proper distancing and hygiene practices.

Samples may still be dropped off at our facilities, but new safeguards are in place requiring samples and chains of custody to be left at an outdoor log-in table. Phone numbers will be posted so you may still communicate with sample receiving staff via your cell phones.

Thank you for your understanding. Please visit this website occasionally for potential updates.

We wish you all good health.

FGL Environmental
Environmental Testing and Services
What: 1,2,3-TRICHLOROPROPANE (1,2,3-TCP)

1,2,3-TCP is a chlorinated hydrocarbon with high chemical stability. It is a man made chemical found at industrial or hazardous waste sites. It has been used as a cleaning and degreasing solvent and is also associated with pesticide products. It has been proven to find its way into drinking water supplies.

FGL is a state certified laboratory performing analysis for 1,2,3-TCP by accredited testing method SRL524M and meeting the detection and reporting limit of .000005 mg/L (5 parts-per-trillion). The following web link contains more information:

Fruit Growers Laboratory, Inc.
Agricultural Testing and Services
Who: Industrial Hemp Growers and Ag Commissioners

Through the combined efforts of FGL and our laboratory partner, Consumables Analytical Laboratory (CAL), we can provide sampling and a full suite of hemp analyses under ISO/IEC 17025, including the mandated Total THC required per California Food and Agricultural Code, Section 81006.

Sample Collection for final compliance testing must be done by the Commissioner's office or a "Designated 3rd Party Sampler", such as FGL. Sampling conducted in advance of final compliance, for informational or R&D purposes, can be done by the grower. For analytical pricing information or to schedule FGL for Sampling (if designated), call your local FGL laboratory or (800) 440-7821.

For a copy of the Regulations, click here: Hemp_FINAL_TEXT-of-the-Regulation-IH4940-1.pdf

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