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In observance of the Independence Day Holiday, Fruit Growers Laboratory (FGL) will be closed on Monday July 5.

Please do not ship samples to arrive on this holiday Monday, as we will be closed. If you have short-holding time tests scheduled to land on this holiday, please coordinate in advance with FGL by calling your local FGL lab or our main laboratory at (805) 392-2000. We wish you all HAPPY and SAFE HOLIDAY!
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Environmental Testing and Services
What: New PS Codes for CLIP start September 1st

Per mandate of the State Water Board - DDW, starting September 1st, it will be important to use the new PS Code format when logging water quality samples onto a chain-of-custody (COC) for your laboratory. To aid FGL customers in this process, our IT Team is working with the DDW to have FGL ready to use the new CLIP platform for uploading data to the state. We plan to have our customer's new codes in our system and ready for upload to the new CLIP platform on September 1st. Until then, we will continue to use the existing codes.

For more information on the new PS Codes, click here

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Who: Nut Growers and Grower Advisors
What: Early Season Analysis for Nitrogen Management

Let Fruit Growers Laboratory aid you in efficient and profitable nitrogen (N) application by conducting early season tissue analysis for nut crops. Our tissue analysis reports will show current nitrogen levelsĀ and provide predicted July N values following the UC-Early Season Protocol. This can assist you in determining the right rate of N application for the current season,thus maximizing productivity and minimizing the potential for N loss.

Note: FGL is able to report using this protocol for Almonds and Pistachios, and new this year; Walnuts.

Click here for more information on Early-Season Sampling and In-Season Nitrogen Budgeting Protocol by Authors: Sebastian Saa Silva, Saiful Muhammad, Blake Sanden, Emilio Laca, Patrick Brown (UC Davis and UC Cooperative Extension, Kern County)

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