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Sample Collection

FGL has developed a computerized sample scheduling system for repetitive analyses such as those required for drinking water, wastewater and groundwater monitoring. With information supplied by you we can provide preprinted chains of custody and labels together with the necessary containers to make sampling efficient. All supplies can be shipped in advance (usually at the end of the previous month) for weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, semi- annual and annual sampling events. There is no fee for this added service but shipping charges will apply.

Quality Assurance Data Packages

The standard QA reports come with precision, accuracy and blank information at no charge. FGL also provides comprehensive QA data packages in a CLP type format. If raw data is not required for CLP type QA, a surcharge of 10% of the analysis fee is applied. If raw data is required, a surcharge of 15% of the analysis fee is applied.

Customized Reporting

FGL provides a wide range of customized reports including Geotracker, Excel, Write-on, CSV, CIWQS, WaterTrax, Agrian, TNS and Ag Code. Please contact the laboratory if you have a specific format necessary for a project or contract. Additionally, drinking water annual summary reports and monthly bacteriology reports are available. NPDES self-monitoring reports are available in most formats. Agronomic reports for soil and leaf analyses are provided in "at-a-glance" format with an option for 5-year summary reports. FGL also provides irrigation scheduling reports. Click Here to view sample reports.

Electronic Data Transfer

FGL provides electronic data transfer in a wide range of formats. Please contact the laboratory to initiate this service and to verify the format you require.

Consulting and Recommendations

FGL provides consulting and/or recommendations for both agricultural and environmental services. Agricultural soils and plant tissue are charged per sample or per crop. Environmental projects and sample results are charged per hour.

Archived Report Retrieval

FGL maintains agricultural report files for two years and environmental report files for five years. The cost for retrieval of data is charged per hour with a minimum charge.

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