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FGL Sampling Information

Sample Collection and Pickup

FGL has developed a computerized sample scheduling system for repetitive analyses such as those required for drinking water, wastewater and groundwater monitoring. With information supplied by you we can provide preprinted chains of custody and labels together with the necessary containers to make sampling efficient. All supplies can be shipped in advance (usually at the end of the previous month) for weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, semi- annual and annual sampling events. There is no fee for this added service but shipping charges will apply.

Sampling By You

Sample containers and instructions for sample collection are available from FGL at no charge. Sample containers may also be picked up at our laboratories or shipped or delivered to you.

Sampling By FGL

There is a standard charge applied for sampling events where we can group sample collection with our normal schedules and routes. For special cases, sample collection and/or pickup charges will apply.

For more detailed sampling procedures please Click Here.

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