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FGL Sampling Handling

Receipt of Samples

FGL utilizes a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) electronic database for uniquely identifying the items to be tested, to ensure that there can be no confusion regarding the identity of such items at any time. This system is used to document receipt of all sample containers and provides identification for all samples and subsamples which are carried forward to subsequent extracts and/or digestates.

Sample Acceptance

The laboratory maintains a written sample acceptance criteria that clearly outlines the circumstances under which samples will be accepted. Disclosure in writing is required of the presence of any known or suspected hazardous and/or radioactive materials in any sample. Disclosure must include the type and approximate concentration/activity of such material. This disclosure must precede shipping of samples. If approved by our laboratory personnel, full written details of any known or suspected hazardous and/or radioactive materials must accompany the samples.

Sample Tracking

Proper, full, and complete documentation, which includes sample identification, the location, date and time of collection, collector's name, container type, preservation type, sample type and any special remarks concerning the sample is documented in a samples Chain of Custody. All documentation, including fax transmittal forms, to or from FGL will be retained.

Storage of Samples

The laboratory maintains documented procedures and appropriate facilities to avoid deterioration, contamination, or damage to the sample during storage, handling, preparation, and testing; any relevant instructions provided with the sample will be followed. Where items have to be stored under specific environmental conditions, these conditions will be maintained, monitored and recorded where necessary.

Final Sample Disposition

All hazardous and/or radioactive samples that are not compatible with our normal waste streams will be returned to the client. This includes samples with the following characteristics:

- Greater than 10% acid or base
- 2 nanocuries per gram of gross radioactivity (alpha, beta, gamma)
- PCB's at concentrations of 50 ppm or greater
- Dioxins, furans and/or any precursors thereof at any detectable level

Regardless of prior acceptance FGL reserves the right to return any samples which we determine to present a risk to health, safety or the environment.

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