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About FGL - The Company
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FGL Quality Assurance
Glossary Of Terms
FGL Reference Documents
FGL Credit Application (PDF)
FGL Credit Card Payment Authority (PDF)
FGL Employment Application (PDF)
Research Application (PDF)
W-9 Form (PDF)
Geotracker Upload Authorization Form (PDF)

FGL Accreditation Certificates and Permits
2015-2017 ELAP Certification - Santa Paula (PDF)
2015-2017 ELAP Certification - Stockton (PDF)
2015-2017 ELAP Certification - Chico (PDF)
2017-2018 ELAP Certification - San Luis Obispo (PDF)
2017-2019 ELAP Certification - Visalia (PDF)
2016-2018 ISO/EC 17025:2005 Certification for Biological Testing (PDF)
2015-2016 DIR Registered Public Works Contractor #1000022918 (PDF)
Small Business Certification (PDF)
Tissue Permit PCIP-17-00408 (PDF)
Soil Permit P330-16-00204 (PDF)
Quarantine Commodity Permit QC 1381 (PDF)

Department of Health Services Forms
Water Quality Emergency Notification Plan - Ventura County (PDF) - Updated 8/24/06
Water Quality Emergency Notification Plan - San Luis Obispo County (PDF) - Updated 8/24/06
Water Quality Emergency Notification Plan - Santa Barbara County (PDF) - Updated 8/24/06
Water Quality Emergency Notification Plan - Stanislaus County (PDF) - Updated 8/14/09
Bacteriological Sample Siting Plan (PDF) - Updated 8/24/06
CDHS Coliform Reporting - Monthly Summary
CDHS Templates for Public Notification by Water Systems- ie: Boil water order
San Joaquin County Environmental Health Sample Siting Plan (PDF) - Updated 2/23/10

Regulatory Limits
Drinking Water Regulatory Critera
Hazardous Waste Regulatory
Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure

Sampling Procedures
Agricultural Sampling Procedures
Environmental Sampling Procedures
Video Sampling Procedure
Cryptosporidium & E. Coli Pocket Guide (PDF)
2015 Asian Citrus Psyllid Leaf Sample Collection and Handling