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Ag Support Services

Please select an analysis below for sampling instructions and container information.
Call us for pricing at (805) 392-2000. Volume and project discounts may apply.
Ag Support Services
Sampling Charges/Fees
Sampling Time ($75.00 per hour)

Sampling Mileage ($0.75 per mile)

*On schedule route sampling (per sample)

Standard soil and plant tissue analyses, most crops and landscape (per sample)

Other - Special/Organic/Irrigation Water (per sample)

Routine Consulting (Soil Scientist/Agronomist/Certified Crop Adviser) (per hour)

Nitrogen Management Plan FGL Customers (per worksheet)

Nitrogen Management Plan Non-FGL Customers (per worksheet)

Infiltration Rate

Soil Survey (includes field evaluation, analyses and comprehensive report)
1-5 sites ($300.00 per site)

6-10 sites ($275.00 per site)

11 or more sites ($250.00 per site)

*Pricing may vary depending on site location, accessibility and topography

Special Projects
Consulting fees for special projects may vary depending on the size and scope of the project. Contact consultants Scott Bucy at (805) 392-2000 for specific pricing.

Other Services (for select areas)
Irrigation Scheduling Program (211B/IBIS) ($25.00 per acre per year)

Fertilization Program (212,412) Leaf and Soil Collection, Analysis and Recommendations ($104.00 per sample)

Pathogen Program (213) Citrus nematode, Citrus phytopthora / Avocado "Root Rot" ($32.00 per acre per year)

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Sample dilutions, special reporting & special invoicing fees will be arranged on a case by case basis.