Providing Analytical Services Since 1925
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      Fruit Growers Laboratory, Inc. (FGL) is a full service agricultural and environmental laboratory. FGL's organization consists of it's primary laboratory and corporate offices in Santa Paula and four satellite laboratories in Stockton, Chico, San Luis Obispo and Visalia. The corporation employs approximately 95 employees and has annual revenues in excess of $9,500,000. FGL is classified as a small business for both federal and State of California projects. The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code is 8734.

      In 1927, FGL secured it's drinking water state certification and since then has provided this service to drinking water purveyors throughout the state. In 1973 Fruit Growers Laboratory was incorporated as a standard California corporation and continued to expand its services to the environmental and agricultural industries. FGL provides environmental and agricultural analytical support services to a variety of clients from all of its laboratories. These include drinking water purveyors, wastewater and hazardous waste generators and handlers, farming groups, individuals growers, private companies, prime government contractors, municipalities, state and federal agencies. A substantial proportion of our business is made up of a large number of small clients thus distributing our business over a large base of customers. This helps prevent a small number of larger clients dominating our total business.

      The corporation has grown at a conservative rate since its founding. Over the past 30 years it has shown a consistent and respectable level of profitability. This has resulted in the corporation's strong financial position and available revenues to further invest in people, equipment and facilities.