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1,2,3-TCP is a chlorinated hydrocarbon with high chemical stability. It is a man made chemical found at industrial or hazardous waste sites. It has been used as a cleaning and degreasing solvent and is also associated with pesticide products. It has been proven to find its way into drinking water supplies.

FGL is a state certified laboratory performing analysis for 1,2,3-TCP by accredited testing method SRL524M and meeting the detection and reporting limit of .000005 mg/L (5 parts-per-trillion). The following web link contains more information:

Contact us for more information, (800) 440-7821.
WHO: Those Impacted by Wildfires
WHAT: Websites to Wildfire Support Services

The following websites may provide guidance or information in support of post-fire event processes and procedures:

FGL is Awarded ISO Accreditation
Fruit Growers Laboratory, Inc has received its International Standards Organization accreditation ISO /IEC 17025:2005 for Biological Testing for the Santa Paula and Stockton laboratories. This accreditation relates primarily to food safety and is an additional service to our clients.
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Lab-To-State Portal (LTS)
FGL Environmental is registered with the Division of Drinking Water (DDW) as a qualified laboratory to submit Lead and Copper data on the Lab-To-State (LTS) Portal; part of the Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS). The LTS Portal is now the preferred method of submission for reporting under the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR). FGL is one of the few laboratories in the state to currently offer this new, method. The link below provides more information: